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Having regular septic tank pumping and cleaning services from Clearset VAC Truck Services will keep your residential and commercial premises in Burnaby safe, clean, and hygienic. We’ve been delivering a professional and high-quality septic system service across British Columbia, including Burnaby, for more than 20 years.

Pursue Our Experienced Personelle Here for Your Septic System Service In Burnaby

We have qualified workers and specialized tools with 20 years of experience throughout British Columbia. Our employees are experts in handling the right equipment, ensuring they’re wearing the right protective gear, and maintaining cleanliness and safety wherever a project may be. Rest assured, you can be comfortable knowing that we process and manage your septic tank cleaning strictly according to Health Canada’s guidelines. Book our septic system service if you’re in need in Burnaby, BC.

Understand Why You Need a Septic System Service on a Regular Basis

The accumulating solids that are building up can typically be kept for up to three years in a suitably sized septic tank. The length of time depends on the number of people living in your home, how much water they use, and the presence of other solids and waste is present in the system.

Once the tank can no longer hold solid particles, it’s a sign that the space in the septic tank has accumulated past standard levels. Regular septic tank cleaning will help prevent a build-up of unwanted outcomes, such as sludge and scum. It will then free up space for decanting, letting the solids and liquids separate properly. Regular septic tank cleaning also prevents the build-up of inorganic matter that bacteria cannot. Regular cleaning and maintenance with our septic system service in Burnaby will ensure your systems are running at optimal levels.

5 Simple Steps to Determine When You Need A Septic System Service

Here are five main signs that you need to have your septic tank pumped. If you experience one or more of these situations, you should call a septic system service.

    • You can smell foul odours from your septic tank, toilet, or drain.
    • Your lawn looks uncharacteristically green or lush, especially around the septic tank.
    • Water is pooling on your lawn and surrounding area.
    • Sewage is backing up into the house.
    • Sluggish flushing and/or draining.

    Don’t let the septic tank accumulate further if you start to see these signs, it can lead to more serious and costly issues. Call the experts here at Clearset VAC Truck Services; we can get your septic holding tank in Burnaby pumped and clean in no time!

    Settle Your Burnaby Septic Tank Issues with
    Our All-Encompassing Septic System Service

    Regular Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintance is Essential

    Septic tank cleaning involves pumping sludge, scum, and inorganic waste from your septic tank. Our team of professionals use a pump truck to clean and properly maintain your septic tank and holding tank. Avoid costly repairs with our septic service.


    Extend a Pump’s Life With Proper Lift Station Maintainance

    The lift station is a pump station that uses a collection system to move sewage from a low to high elevation, then to the sewer main. Get a lift station cleaning to remove debris and wase build up to avoid pump burn out.


    Keep Your Storm Drain and Catch Basin From Clogging

    Storm drain and catch basin cleaning is essential before the heavy rain season to direct rainwater and stormwater away from your property or building. Ensure your storm drain and catch basin are properly maintained to avoid damage from flooding.


    Quick and Professional Holding Tank Cleaning

    A septic holding tank contains wastewater from residential homes or commercial buildings and needs regular maintenance to operate properly. Delaying a holding tank cleaning can cause overflow or damage. Schedule a holding tank cleaning to prevent costly back ups.


    Septic Tank With Pump Chamber Cleaning and Maintenance

    Pump chambers move water waste to your septic tank and need to regular inspection to ensure they are running effectively. Routine maintenance by our reliable team of experts will keep your septic system with pump chamber in good working order.


    Worry-free Professional Trailer and RV Septic Pumping

    A septic holding tank in trailers and RVs requires professional pumping for white, grey, and black water tanks. With dedicated fleets serving all of British Columbia, we offer on-site septic pumping and handle holding tanks of all sizes.


    Convenient Water Hauling and WaterTruck Delivery

    Bulk water hauling for residential homes and commercial buildings is available year round for a variety of applications and projects. Our water truck delivery services provide potable water from clean underground sources to ensure convenience, quality, and safety.


    Powerful Hydro Jetting and Hydro Flushing Services

    Hydro getting and hydro flushing removes stubborn clogs and blockages inside sewer drains and pipes. Quickly unclog a sewer pipe system with high pressure sewer cleaning by our experienced team. Schedule regular maintenance as a preventative measure to avoid costly repairs.


    Residential and Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

    Grease traps separate wastewater from FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease), which can build up over time and cause foul odours if not properly maintained. Set up a commercial grease trap cleaning plan with Clearset and let us worry about your grease trap.


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    Highly, highly recommend

    Makes the statement……not all super hero’s where capes, ring true. Sean and his worker bee, really came through for our building in a much needed crisis situation. Highly, highly recommend doing business with this company, he will go above and beyond expectations!!!
    Deborah Fowler

    These guys were awesome

    These guys where awesome. Came on time and honestly the driver was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met ! Reliable company doing a great service.
    Steve Fogliato

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    We have over 20 years of professional experience in British Columbia. We’ve been serving a variety of locations and projects all over the province, which gives us valuable insight into different terrains and issues. No septic pumping job is too big or small, whether in Burnaby or across the Lower Mainland.

    We have built an incredible reputation across our various septic system services. At Clearset VAC Truck Services, you are our priority, so we provide excellent customer service at affordable prices. Our comprehensive septic tank cleaning service is here when you need it. Fill out a contact form, call (778) 825-1032, or email us at info@clearset.ca; we would love to hear from you!

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    Our top goal at Clearset VAC Truck Services is to provide you with quality service. In Burnaby, British Columbia, our septic system service is available to you at any time. We want to give you prompt, effective septic tank service done correctly the first time. Our staff are experts in the field and have the necessary certificates to meet all of your needs.

    We have completed projects around the province and are more than capable of handling work in your area. Call us if you live in Burnaby and require quick septic tank servicing. We’re proud to provide services to additional Lower Mainland locations as well!