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Catch basins, known also as curb inlets or storm drains are openings that are created to enable rainwater to reach drain systems which catch sediment and debris through a grate. Heavy sediment and debris which makes its way past the strainer grate settles to the bottom of the catch basin, where it needs to be broken up and pumped out before it reaches the level of the drainage pipe. Failure to do so can cause flooding in the area where the catch basin is located.

How Does A Catch Basin Work And Why Is It Important?

A catch basin drains all the excess water from the rain, storm, melted snow, etc. off of the streets transporting it to a treatment facility, sump, or reservoir. A stormwater catch basin is typically located on the side of the streets around residential, commercial, and public establishments and properties with a grate covering.

When it rains or the snow starts to melt, the water needs to go somewhere or flooding will start to happen. The catch basin will be the one responsible for collecting water and transferring them to the necessary facilities. While the grate covering will filter out any solid materials that can clog the pipes and separate the water or liquid. The filtered water will then flow into another rainwater reservoir, sump, or the local water treatment area.

What Are The Reasons Why Your Catch Basin Gets Blocked?

When the rain or storm starts to hit or the snow starts melting, water will bring everything it can to your storm drain. This includes the following:
  • Branches and leaves: These are common during the fall season or when severe storms hit causing the leaves and branches to fall. The leaves and branches are carried by rain or stormwater into the catch basin and accumulate there until someone removes them.
  • Dirt: The catch basin drain is located at the lower ground level. That is why the catch basin collects a lot of dirt especially when they are located near high traffic areas. Dirt can cause clogging in the outlet pipe.
  • Garbage: Water will carry even garbage into the stormwater catch basin especially plastic bags because they are very light.
  • Cement, mortar, and stones: These are the materials used in construction or renovation and can block the catch basin.

When Should You Call Your Trusted Storm Drain Cleaning Service?

We highly recommend scheduling a regular annual catch basin cleaning. However, if your property operates a business that regularly dumps water into its storm drain, you need to schedule a more frequent catch basin cleaning.

The best defence is a good offence!

It is easy to forget that catch basins need regular cleaning in order to maintain their proper operation and prevent flooding. With our high powered water jet and high CFM vacuum extractor we are able to quickly and efficiently service your catch basins to break up and remove all debris. We offer Vac truck and septic tank services in Burnaby and the greater Vancouver area.


What Is Storm Drain – Catch Basin Cleaning And Why Is It Important?

The catch basin is designed to help direct and catch all the excess water from rain, storm, or melted snow. They are very important in water management. When your storm drain starts to get clogged, it will not be able to do its purpose leading to the water coming back up and flooding might happen.

Clearset recommends inspecting your catch basins regularly. You can remove all the solid materials that are caught in the runoff grate to prevent any clogging yourself.

A professional catch basin cleaning service is the cost-effective and convenient way to remove all the blockages in and out of your storm drain. Dirt, cement, mortar, and small stones tend to pass through the grate but they will block your pipes which are impossible to remove yourself without the right equipment and tools. Having your storm drain cleaning service is still necessary to remove all these blockages completely.

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Here at Clearset, we have the right equipment and tools to expertly and quickly remove blockages in your sewage pipe systems as well as septic tank, lift stations, and catch basin cleaning.

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Well-Trained Staff

You can easily clean the runoff grate by hand, however accessing inside and properly cleaning your catch basin will require specialized equipment. Clogging doesn’t only happen on the exterior of your storm drain; there can be calcified materials stuck in your pipes. This is where you can benefit from the knowledgeable and well-trained staff at Clearset, to properly service your system right, the first time.

Save time, effort, and money

Working with Clearset is a breeze. Our thorough yet efficient staff and equipment keeps costs down, saving you (the customer) money! We are fully insured and our staff comes prepared with all tools and safety gear needed, leave the heavy lifting to us!

Exceptional Service

Clearset Vac Truck Services is your fast, friendly, and professional choice for all your catch basin cleaning services needs. Same day service and 24/hr emergency dispatch available

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