Professional Lift Station Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep Your Sewer Line And Lift Station Grease-Free, Choose Clearset Lift Station Cleaning.

Wastewater lift stations serving high-density restaurants and other institutional development tend to have a “perfect storm” for building solid grease on station walls and equipment. This leads to corrosion and bad odors. It is necessary to keep your lift station clean and sanitary with professional cleaning and maintenance.

What Is A Wastewater Lift Station And Its Benefits For The Sewage Collection System?

A wastewater lift station is a pump station that moves wastewater to a higher elevation from the lower one. It is commonly used for areas that don’t allow natural wastewater movement like pipe systems located in a lower elevation which can’t use gravity. There are two main parts of an efficient lift station, namely:
  • Controls: It is where you can control the movement of the wastewater.
  • Wet Well: Works as a basin where the incoming wastewater is released. It is also where the pumps are located.
The benefits of having a sewer lift station for the sewage collection system are the following:
  • Cost-effective
  • No need to excavate to reach the sewer pipes.
  • Efficient and functional
  • Easy and less maintenance
  • Convenient cleaning and unclogging
  • More affordable compared to well stations
  • Economical choice
  • Extremely durable and sturdy

How Does A Lift Station Work And Where Does Wastewater Go?

Typically, sewage pipes use gravity in order to collect wastewater. Hence, they are called gravity pipes. This aspect only applies to establishments and locations at a higher elevation. If your location is on a lower one, this sewage pipe system will not work. This factis where a lift station can help.

A lift station will move the wastewater from the lower elevation pipe system to a higher elevation so that it can reach the wastewater treatment plant. First, the wastewater will move into the wet well where it will act as a storage container. All the solid materials will be removed and the wastewater will be tested. When the wastewater level reaches a certain level the lift station will start to pump and lift the wastewater to a higher elevation using the controls. Then, when the wastewater is at a higher elevation, gravity will work and proceed to the treatment plant.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Lift Stations Regularly?

Like your sewage pipe system, lift stations can get clogged, making it difficult for wastewater to move to a higher elevation. When this happens, the lift station might not work correctly and cause the movement of the wastewater to slow down, causing the water well to overflow. Remember, your wastewater is stored in the water well. They are not treated. They will contain unsanitary solid wastes, and the smell will be awful. When your water well starts to overflow, puddles of wastewater will form.

The pump station should be regularly cleaned to make sure the wastewater flows correctly and freely. Especially if a grease station is attached to your lift station. Grease can start to build up around the pump and float. Remember, oil doesn’t mix with water, even if it is wastewater. It can cause the whole lift station to shut down.

How Often Should You Get Your Lift Station Cleaning From Professionals?

Commercial lift stations will require more frequent cleaning. Especially those that are connected to grease stations. Grease and water do not mix. Grease will float and can accumulate around the pumps on your lift station. It might clog your whole pump station causing it to entirely shut down. Too much grease can also make the motor of your lift station work overtime leading to burnout. We highly recommend getting regular lift station cleaning at least once a year to keep it working correctly.

Lift station cleaning will need a jet vac cleaner to remove all the waste. Clearset has all the necessary equipment, tools, and gears to do this. We have vacuum trucks ready to unclog, pump, and handle all the waste materials blocking your sewage pumping station in the right and legal way.

Why Hire Clearset For Your Regular
Wastewater Lift Station Cleaning?

Safe and Effective Equipment

Wastewater lift stations are located below the ground. They can’t be cleaned using regular cleaning tools, hoses, and pumps. You need the right equipment, tools, and gear to properly clean your septic tank pumping station.
Clearset has the right equipment and tools to do thorough lift station cleaning. Our vacuum trucks are equipped with the necessary power, force, and pressure to extract all the materials clogging your water pumping station. Even the stubborn solid materials are no match! Our equipment is specially made for sewage lift station odor control and blockage extraction to keep the movement of wastewater continuously.
Well-Trained Staff & Exceptional Service

Skilled Staff

Our staff and personnel are not just knowledgeable in using and handling all the equipment necessary to do proper lift station cleaning they can also provide brilliant suggestions and options to make your life easier. For example, to maintain and prolong the life of your lift station and pipes, you need to keep the grease away from your sewer lines. Grease is one of the common causes of lift station problems.
At Clearset, we have skilled inspectors and staff that can check whether your grease trap is installed and working properly. This is very important for restaurants and kitchens.

Quality and Affordable Cleaning

Clearset believes quality service does NOT have to be expensive. We understand the need to keep our septic tanks, sewage pipe systems, and lift stations cleaned, pumped, and maintained in order to live a healthy and safe life. That is why we offer quality lift station cleaning for all our customers and clients all over British Columbia, Canada. 
Our goal is to keep your RVs, trailers, homes, kitchens, restaurants, establishments, and other commercial businesses safe and sanitary without breaking your bank. All the services we offer are affordable and high-quality.

Excellent Service

Our goal is to provide excellent life station cleaning services to all our clients and customers. We do not stop with that! Clearset also makes sure even our customer services are exceptional. We offer 24/7 customer service. You can reach us through phone, email, or by filling up our contact form. We are always ready to answer all your questions.
Clearset understands that emergencies do happen at the most unexpected time. That is why we are ready to do lift station cleaning any time! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For Quick and Exceptional Quality Lift Station Cleaning, Contact Clearset VAC Truck Services!

Clearset is always ready to serve you! You can contact us any time of the day, 7 days a week. We have friendly and experienced staff ready to answer all your questions regarding our lift station cleaning services with accuracy, enough knowledge, and quickly. You can give us a call at (778) 825-1032, fill up our contact form, or send an email to Include all the necessary information so that we can schedule the lift station cleaning as soon as possible.